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Passionate, Committed and Resourceful

On this page different women will be featured along with a short synopsis of their life stories. The goal is for women to be empowered by the daily life successes and struggles of other women. The goal is to provide women the opportunity to learn, grow and be inspired by one another.



CEO of Sugar Sweet Events & Digital Content Creator 

Jadie Peters is the owner and lead designer of Sugar Sweet Events and Prints, a popular south suburban event décor and printing company.  
Jadie started out as a graphic designer and selling crafts in 2006.  It started as a home-based, part-time operation, while simultaneously working for AT&T.  After the passing of her mom, and a shift in business, Jadie decided to turn her dream into a reality by leaving AT&T to focus on her passion.
Initially, she worked as a contractor for several companies and municipalities doing graphic design, video & photography and coordinating community events.  That experience propelled her to take event planning and décor to the next level. Thus, Sugar Sweet Events & Prints was born.  Jadie, also affectionately known as “Jade Made That” and “Jade of All Trades” has explored numerous lanes in the event industry before landing on décor & printing.  She has now added teaching to the list.  She works with many people in her field to teach them the importance of camaraderie by hosting classes as well as a monthly mixer where others in her industry come to relax and mingle with like minds.  She serves as a coach and mentor to up and coming women following her path.
Her motto is simple: Community Over Competition.   “There’s enough out here for everyone!”, she says.  So, her goal is to spread the message that we are better together.  We should hold each other up when its hard and work to keep each other up when life’s great, all while respecting the fact that we may do similar things professionally.  The success of your sister doesn’t have to affect your own.



Owner and General Consultant for NCJ

Nekohl Johnson is a Mom of two beautiful adult daughters Candace, (Husband Jesse) and Karen, bonus son Jeremiah. Veteran of the United States Army and an Advocate for Veterans and Trauma Victims. Administrator, Educator, Missionary, and Philanthropist. Ms. Johnson began her business career in 1999 and has assisted, co-owned, and collaborated with many businesses and veteran and nonprofit organizations. Owner and General Consultant for NCJ: I AM the MAP LLC – 12 Strong Chicago and Founder and President of Where We Meet, Inc., designed for Veterans and Victims of trauma in BIPOC Communities. Nekohl Johnson has branded herself as “The Executive Equalizer” She Authored her memoir titled “A Queen was Born Again” and continues to speak, write and conduct small gatherings of twelve attendees or less so that others may learn from both the brokenness & beauty of her transformative narrative and be inspired to use recommended tools and resources to navigate a path of wholeness all their own. 

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Holistic Wellness and Massage Therapist 

Holistic Healer and health coach specializing in therapeutic massage. Since starting her study of crystal healing and living a holistic lifestyle her life and others around her have changed. When combined with healthy living, meditation, massage, and crystal healing can be vital sources of women’s strengthening.



Author and Counselor

Verlisa is an author who published her first book, "A Black Girl Once Told Me To
Never Give Up"; which is about the challenges she had to overcome on a personal,
emotional, and professional level while obtaining a higher education. Her passion is
to motivate others through her words and her story.
Verlisa currently holds a master's in community counseling from Loyola University
Chicago and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana-
Champaign. Verlisa facilitated her first workshop on the effects of trauma in the
black community at the Black Mental Wellness Expo on September 9th, 2019.
Her goal is to create content that encourages and motivates young black women
to use their stories, their struggles, and their pain to find purpose even amid life’s

Featured Women: Meet The Team
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