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2021 Goals and Plans :)

Hello Ladies and Happy New Year :)

Each year we all plan out how we would like our year to go. We set our goals and we live with the expectations that things will more than likely go as we planned. We never plan for the unexpected, and typically that is how our lives operate.

Personal Experience: In 2020 I set many goals. I planned to love my career, I planned to get closer to family and friends, I planned to get a new car, I planned to get a new place of my own, and I planned to go back to school. In the beginning I just knew that my plans and goals were gonna happen because I would do everything how I had imagined. As things were going great and on track, starting with the new job and attending Media School, I felt like the year was at a great start. THEN , the world was hit with a crazy pandemic that caused my "In-the-field" job to turn into a "Work-from-home" job. This is something I never prepared for, but it happened. Then media school became virtual and my passion no longer was there, again, something I never prepared for, but it happened. I fell in love, which was not expected at all, and eventually a baby came 5 months later, this was not a goal or a plan, but it happened. As time progressed, I spent more time with family, I still traveled despite the pandemic and my pregnancy and I started to realign my goals and plans because now I was preparing to be a parent. Things were going well and my goals began to get back on track. I found a new job that made me happy, I got my own place, I was denied school entry however I was able to pay off student loans.. Despite my goals not being reached, most of them, I was still happy. In October 2020, the unexpected occurred, I lost my father and a month later I lost my grandmother, all while pregnant. In addition, I lost my job, and things were just falling apart.

The moral of this story is that I had it all planned out. I had expectations for a good year and ended up having a year full of unfortunate experiences. This is when I realized that I have to not make plans but plan for the unexpected.

I know you're wondering how do I plan for the unexpected? How do I set goals with this mindset?

For 2021 lets make a new approach of how to plan for the unexpected. This year instead of planning for the best, lets learn how to prepare mentally for the worst. We have to train our minds to be strong this year. We must understand that not everything will go how we would like them to, and they most certainly will not always go as planned. We don't usually prepare our mental to endure whatever life throws at us. This year we are going to practice accepting the things in our lives that are not what we expect. Below is a list of goals and plans for 2021:

  1. Prepare for rejection: Rejection is not always a bad thing because sometimes things DON'T happen in our lives because either something is greater is in store, or that is not the path that we should be taking. Either way when we don't have expectations, we avoid disappointment.

  2. Read Devotionals: Devotionals are designed to provide daily motivation and inspiration. They allow you to become in sync with your emotions and also your spirituality. This helps to keep a peace over your life and allows you have an outlet.

  3. Cherish All Relationships: Relationships are very important, and despite what challenges life throws our way, we must value the people that we are blessed with. Relationships are important because they help us get through some of the tough times in life.

  4. Expect the Unexpected: Always understand that things can always take a turn in life and we must be prepared to endure whatever challenges life throws our way.

  5. STAY FOCUSED: Plan to stay focused!! Whether your life goes as planned or not, keep your eye on the prize and never lose sight of your vision. You've GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!

This year we are going to stay strong and mentally prepared for whatever life throws our way :) Good luck ladies.

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