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Motivation Monday: :)

Happy Motivation Monday!!!! This week motivation is CREATIVITY!!!! We all possess some sort of creativity whether we believe it or not. Due to the recent Quarantine order, this is the perfect time to tap in touch to your inner creativity. Being creative allows us to express ourselves in other ways that make us feel good rather than negative. Creativity can be expressed in various ways such as writing, drawing, dancing, singing, designing, and so much more. The awesome thing about creativity is that you get to choose your own form of creativity and you get to express how you feel, however you choose and there is no judgement for it.

Here are a few new ways that you can be creative during Quarantine 🙂

  1. Paint or draw on a canvas.

  2. Make up a dance or workout routine.

  3. Cook a new meal/Create a new recipe.

  4. Write a poem.

  5. Do an at home art project.

The list can go on forever!! Whatever you choose to do, make it fun, meaningful, and all about you! This is a therapeutic way to calm your mind! Enjoy Creative Quarantining :)!

-Daij Speaks 🙂

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