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Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday!! Today’s Motivation is FITNESS!! Fitness is important because not only does being fit stimulate our bodies, but it also stimulates our minds. Many people use working out as a way to escape the realities that lingers on their minds. Working out is a form of therapy because it captivate the entire mind of the individual. If you’re unsure of some great workouts to help keep your mental health stable read the fitness tips below:

  1. Go walking, this helps keep the brain flowing healthily.

  2. Jog, many people find comfort in jogging and focusing.

  3. Dance your heart out. Dancing is the perfect form of cardio to keep your brain developing.

  4. Do some sit ups, they help with your core and focusing your mind.

  5. Do some leg exercises. Leg Day always make you focus. Trying to do this helps you focus on something other than the problem.

Try some of these exercises outside or at home 🙂

– Daj Speaks

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