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“Breathe, It’s Just A Bad Day..Not A Bad Life”

Often times we allow one bad day to make us feel like we have the worst lives ever. We find ourselves saying things like “I hate my life”, “I have the worst life ever” “My life sucks”. When we speak things like this into existence, we begin to believe that and our lives begin to move in accordance to how we feel about it.

JUST BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe and think about all the good days that you have had, Think about the things in your life that are worth smiling about, Think about something great that you look forward to in the future. Think about the people in your life that were put there to uplift you, and most importantly think about someone who may actually be having a much worse life than you.

Breathing allows us time to think clearly and not based off of our emotions. One bad day does not determine how the rest of your life will go. Always redirect those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. You got this! Things will get better 🙂

#Breathe #NotABadLife #JustABadDay #Relax #YouGotThis

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